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Discover custom-engineered solutions for your industry. A sample of our most significant specific customized projects for diverse applications are compiled in this brochure:

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Any power for any application

In today’s world, power is everything. It keeps business running, it keeps data moving and it protects people who need it most.

Diesel Industrial Generators

From power plants and data centers to microgrids control, our unique portfolio of energy resilience options are unmatched in the market.

Mission Critical Generators

From hospitals and airports to telecom and water treatment, your mission-critical applications deserve resilient and reliable backup power.

Gaseous Industrial Generators

From heavy industrial to light commercial, our EPA-certified gaseous generators (from 25 to 500kW) are customized to your specs.

Automatic Transfer Switches

We offer multiple control solutions for generator sets that are suitable for every type of complex installation, with all diesel engine brands combined.

Home Energy Generators

Our quiet generator helps your home keep humming without interruption, providing powerful peace of mind in any weather.

Marine Generators

KOHLER Marine Generators provide backup, prime, and continuous power solutions in diesel, gas, and liquid propane configurations.

Portable Generators

Our portable range is manufactured in France and focuses on the production of stable current, product quality, and soundproofing.

Parts and Service

Our industrial generators provide a reliable power source for the long haul, with total resilience ensured by the use of geniune KOHLER parts.

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Power solutions for Industry

Data Center Solutions

Our diesel generators are built to power every size of data center, in every location around the world.

Telecom Solutions

We embrace and support a more connected world through talk, text, TV, and the Internet of Things.

Healthcare Solutions

Amidst rapid industry change, health care providers are working hard to improve patient outcomes while simultaneously controlling costs and implementing ever-evolving technology solutions.

Hospitality Solutions

Build 5-star dreams without compromise.

Water Treatment Solutions

Learn more about how demand and regulations are increasing.

Find a Distributor in Latin America and the Caribbean

Find the right KOHLER generator for your needs.

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